4 Tips For More Creative and Interesting Photos


I’ve been in front of the camera for over 10 years now…

and I wouldn’t trade all my photoshoots for the world. I LOVE making images that I am proud of! That feeling of looking at the camera and seeing what has been created – It’s a high for me. I feel grateful, pretty, and proud. But that didn’t come overnight. That has been developed, shaped, and perfected over a long period of time. And it took a lot of trial and error!
We are constantly shown so many cool images, so many editorials and videos that are inspiring but we don’t always know where to start when we are posing. I got you, girl! When I am feeling uninspired or just meh about my poses or surroundings, I change it up.
I am gonna give you guys weekly posing tips so that you can feel good about the images you take- AND walk away feeling proud of yourself! If you want my complete guide on posing and social media images, get my FREE E-Book HERE.

1. Different angles

Instagram and social media always want that cute outfit post- but it doesn’t have to be boring or just against a wall. Use your surroundings as much as you can. My number one tip for posing: Work from different angles. Move your camera up, down, turn to the side- whatever looks different or interesting. Also pay attention to the background– power lines, moving cars, etc can make or break an image.
Here are some ideas for you when you are taking pictures of your outfit:

TIP: Work from different angles- you don’t always need to be standing straight to show off the cool areas of your outfit! Bend over, use props and squatting are some little things I keep in mind.

TIP: One of my favorite things to do is shoot from below! It gives a different perspective for your pic and your outfit. Remember to use your background too! I made sure there were no power lines etc when I took this.

TIP: If you want a full/half body shot of your outfit, move your arms, bend your knee and of course, show your accessories. Keep your body moving and make ANGLES. It creates negative space and a more interesting take on your outfit.

2. Get the details

TBH, I am really bad about these images because I always forget to take them with my outfit pics. But try to take close up images of your outfit from different angles so that people can see your clothing in more detail.

Sitting or squatting makes the details of your outfit pop- keep in mind lighting and your background as always!

Keep the details interesting by shooting from different angles. For these pants, I make sure to show the flare off.

3. Move your body!

This is probably the most important tip that I can give you. MOVE.YOUR.BODY. Always. If you want to have interesting and fun images, you gotta keep moving. I usually have music playing while I am shooting or if I am on a shoot outdoors- I dance! Just keep moving and your images will be way more fun than just standing still or being static. Here are some images that were completely accidental because I kept moving:

I kept moving my shoulders for this shot- I knew this jacket needed her moment and i wanted her to look amazing in the sun! So I kept swaying my shoulders, keeping my legs still.

Take advantage of the wind and being somewhere pretty! I made this dress look bigger and longer while elongating my arms and using the wind.

I kept turning and moving for this shoot- it was windy but it caught my skirt which created a little more shape in my outfit.

4. Take up space

Taking up space in a spot and in the image is super important- you want to look open and fluid- not scrunched up or timid (unless that’s what you’re going for). Widen your stance, bend your arms etc.

If you have a piece that has a beautiful pattern or a dress that has flow- use that! Bend your legs, make the pattern obvious instead of standing still.

When you have fun pieces to work with, keep your stance wide and interesting. Bend your legs- take up the whole area!

I hope you feel inspired to keep posing and to make some creative content for your shoots! If you need more inspiration, make sure to follow me on Pinterest where I post editorials and all things posing/fashion.


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