10 Signs You’re a Car Obsessed Girl


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You know you love everything to do with cars. But how do you know if you are really obsessed? 

The purpose of this post is to help you find out. We take a look at some of the things that might indicate you are involved in a love affair of the four-wheeled variety. 

You Can Talk Engines All Night

Most people don’t know the first thing about internal combustion engines. They understand that fuel goes in and the wheels turn as a result, but that’s about it. 

However, they don’t usually know much about the subtle differences between standard, rotary, and boxer engines. They also don’t know what different “liter” sizes of engines refer to.

That’s where you can take control of the conversion. You understand everything that makes engines tick and can even provide a potted manufacturer-by-manufacturer history in some cases!

You Love Car Conversations

Furthermore, you’re the type of girl who loves any car-related conversations, not just those that cover the more technical details. You find things like vintage vehicle restorations fascinating and always have something interesting to say.

You particularly enjoy conversations about overhauling vehicles from the 1960s and 1970s. Nothing is more satisfying to you than discovering that someone has transformed an old rust bucket sitting in a filthy shed into a sparkling classic, curves and all. 

Road Trips Are Your Ideal Vacation

Another sign you’re a car-obsessed girl is the fact that road trips are your ideal vacation. You love nothing more than going on a long adventure and finding yourself in the middle of nowhere. 

But it’s not all about getting to the destination with you. Instead, you’re the sort of girl who finds enjoyable ways to spend the journey. You deliberately seek out the back routes or stop at famous truck-stops along the way for eggs sunny-side up and bacon rashers. (Friend toast as well!) You enjoy the sensation of the wheel in your hands and the pedals on your feet. Nothing quite compares to it!

You Keep Track Of All Your Vehicle’s Fluids

You could also be car-obsessed if you’re the sort of person who keeps track of all your vehicle’s fluids and never misses an oil change. Making sure that levels are where they should be can significantly improve the performance, reliability, and lifespan of your vehicle. 

What’s more, you pay special attention to these fluids. For example, you go the extra mile to choose oils that complement your engine’s requirements instead of getting something that is vaguely in the ballpark of what you need. You might also invest in specially scented screenwash, just for the fun of it. 

You Spend More Time With Cars Than You’d Like To Admit

Another sign you’re a car-obsessed girl is that you spend more time with your vehicle than you’d like to admit. You’re not just with your car when driving. You’re also spending time with it in the garage or at meets in parking lots.

Spending time with vehicles gives you more time to appreciate them. Admiring their lines helps you become an aficionado, able to see the different styles and how they evolved over the years. 

You Help Your Friends Work On Their Cars

You are also car-obsessed if you help your friends work on their cars and enjoy it at the same time. Providing them with assistance doesn’t feel like work but play. There’s no better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than opening the hood and tinkering around with whatever’s inside. Even if it’s a run-of-the-mill vehicle, playing around with it is still a lot of fun. 

Your House Is Full Of Car-Related Mementos

Having a house that’s full of car-related items and souvenirs is another sign you have a passion for the four-wheeled variety. Posters of vehicles you want to own, toy cars, and even signed photos from racing drivers could all indicate your passion. 

The more collectible the items in your home, the more obsessed you are. Some people will spend thousands of dollars to obtain a specific Matchbox toy or poster of a classic vehicle for their walls. Many are also quite fussy about the type of mementos they choose. For some, it’s all about the cars, while for others it is about the history or the story an item tells. 

You Dream About Cars

The signs you are obsessed with cars can also be unconscious! Dreaming about them could indicate “unresolved issues” as your therapist likes to point out. Or it could just mean that you love and enjoy your vehicle.

Car-related dreams can take all sorts of forms. One of the most common is breaking down and not being able to move. However, there are others. For instance, you might dream about taking some fantastical road trip through the mountains or racing a sports car around Laguna Seca

Your Passion Inspires Others

Perhaps the ultimate sign that you love cars is that your passion inspires others. While not everyone at cocktail parties cares about vehicles, you still find a way to capture their interest with your interesting stories and keen devotion to vehicles. 

What’s more, you’re the sort of person who can inspire others to choose vehicles that will suit them. You have a knack for recommending options that will fulfill their needs, whether a young singleton wanting something racy, or a family looking for an SUV that meets all their needs. 

You Appreciate Different Types Of Vehicles

Finally, you could be a car-obsessed girl if you are the sort of person who can appreciate different types of vehicles. A car can be brand new or fifty years old and you can still find enjoyment in it. 

Many of the most passionate car enthusiasts keep multiple vehicles from different eras in their garages and carports. They might have a 1960s Dodge Charger alongside a brand-new Tesla Model S to keep things interesting. What’s important is the classic pedigree of the vehicle. If it’s a game-changer, like the Audi TT or the Ford GT, they own one. 


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