The best under $100 outfits for New Years


AHHHH …. My favorite holiday is nearly upon us!

And I am beyond excited to get partying and enjoy a new year! I wearing a beautiful piece that is bright pink this year. Figured I would go hard and wear a new color that I dont wear often.But magenta/hot pink has grown on me this year and I look really good in it! I know we are all on tight budgets so I kept all the dresses on this post under $100. I found the best feathered, sequined and wild dresses for whatever you are doing this New Year’s. Cuz lets be honest… 2022 was a wild ride.. again. And we all could use something beautiful to wear on the last day!

1. Sequin Dresses

2. Satin Dresses

3. Bold Colors

4. Black

5. Tassels and Fringe

6. Silver and Gold

7. Bold Silhouettes and Cutouts

8. Accessories


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