The only spring dresses you need to feel refreshed and confident

Spring Floral Dress

We all could use a little pretty fashion distraction right now, right?

Through not knowing what is next for us all- to being at home all the time and finding things to take up our time- we could use some pretty fashion right now. I  know I could! Sitting at home re-watching the Office is great after about a week, then I realize that I could be doing what I love to do- talk about fashion. 

Spring is here!! And there is nothing more satisfying than a fun dress to wear when its warm out. Its easy, comfortable and such a great way to get ready for the day – with a pretty dress!  I am a sucker for fun prints and dresses with pockets. Yes, POCKETS. They should be in every dress in my opinion. Every woman wants pockets!! Anyways- back to the dresses. I searched the web for all of you to find every type of dress, every silhouette, every style out there- and put them all right here for you to shop while you are at home for two weeks. So pour a nice cup of tea, a brewing cup of coffee and sit back and shop some fun looks below… because I got all the spring dresses you need to feel refreshed and confident!! 

1. Maxi Dresses

spring dress floral

Floral Dress: H&M here
Sandals: Zara Similar here  Bag: Shein Similar here

I LOVE a good maxi dress! Simple and easy to pair with a belt and a fun accessory. I am drawn to tulle, large floral prints and anything with a little pop. I found all the best maxi dresses so you can feel confident walking into the new season. Lots of floral prints, fun bohemian silhouettes- its all below for you to shop! 
Styling a maxi dress: 
1. Add a belt! I always say when in doubt- add a belt! It cinches the waist and creates shape. 
2. Pair with a cute hat or bag to give a little more springtime vibe. Straw hats are my favorite go-to accessory for summer! 

Shop all the maxi dresses below

2. Bold Dresses

Gold Dress Spring

H&M Dress: HERE Belt: Vintage

Definitely my favorite category for spring dresses. Puff sleeves, bold colors and prints. I go crazy with these styles. Something I find to make me feel refreshed and confident is a bold and statement making dress! 
To add a little flair to your bold dress: 
1. Add a fun wide belt. I shop at vintage stores for these. 
2. Keep the shoes minimal to balance out the look. Go for a fun sandal or heeled boot 
3. Add your favorite earrings to the mix. Simple gold or silver. 

Shop Bold Dresses below!

3. Denim Dresses

I am loving denim a LOT this year. Its coming out in full 80’s force- and I am here for it! For all the denim deets this season, be sure to check out my post on spring 2020 trends HERE.  

Puff sleeves are definitely in this spring, so add a little flair to your look with a bold sleeve. Also lots of pockets and buttons were on the runway for this season.  Acid wash. Dark. Classic blue (Pantone color of the year!) I found all of them for you! 
Styling denim dresses:
1. Pair with black sandals. It keeps the look fresh without too much added frill. 
2. Add a fun belt. This is my go-to tip 🙂 
3. Add a biker jacket to keep it edgy. 


Shop Denim Dresses

4. Patterned Dresses

Love a good pattern? Me too girl! A great pattern instantly transforms any drab dress. I gravitate towards loud floral prints, polka-dots (sometimes) and unusual patterns that make a statement.  This season is full of large florals, polka dots and bold patterns that arent shy to make a statement. 
Styling patterned dresses: 
1. Keep accessories simple! 
2. Sandals are your friend- they work super well with this style of dress
3. Add a hat to complete the look- straw hats are a must!

Shop Patterned Dresses

Floral Dress Springtime

Dress: Forever 21. Shop Similar here and here

5. Minimal Dresses

Maybe youre not a fan of the loud prints or bolder styles and instead, want a simple look for spring. I got you covered. Nudes, black and white are a staple when it comes to a minimalist look. Opt for a simple silhouette that can work well with a bold accessory. 
Styling minimal dresses: 
1. Add a fun hat to make more of a statement
2. Keep your bag simple and add a fun keychain to spice it up. 
3. Make your shoes a key piece! Add a fun strappy heeled sandal. 

Shop Minimal Dresses

6. Colorful Dresses

Red Dress Spring Loud Sleeve

Ruffle sleeve dress: Shein Similar here

Who doesnt love a good colorful moment? I am being drawn to hot pink and neon this season. (Its strange, I know!) For some reason hot pink is just bold enough for me to want to wear!  Whether its yellow, neon or bright pink- these dresses will add a little pop to your closet. 

Shop Colorful Dresses

7. Mini Dresses

Born in the 90s? Well, heres all the dresses you need to re-live that era. These are cute spaghetti strap dresses that bring back the 90’s girl! These remind me of She’s all that. Anyone else remember that movie? She stumbles down the stairs to Freddie Prinze Jr. Like she wasn’t already beautiful… get outta here. 
Styling mini dresses: 
1. Wear a cute bucket hat for full 90’s! Bring out your inner Drew Barrymore! 
2. Strappy sandals pair well with these dresses- keep them chunky or flat. 
3. Wear chokers and simple jewelry to balance out the look. 

From reds to pastels, here all the mini dresses you need for your nostalgia fix! 

Shop Mini Dresses


I hope you're inspired for spring now!

Lots of dresses to shop and look at- while you’re at home like the rest of us. Comment below your favorite style dress and how you would wear it. I hope you are feeling better about the springtime and what lies ahead. 

In these times of doubt and uncertainty- fashion keeps us inspired and looking forward. So here’s to a new beautiful season filled with a ton of fun dresses to keep your closet looking fresh! 


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