I’m Obsessed N° 3: Logo Mania


I am fairly simple when it comes to my taste level and what I will and wont wear in fashion. Text, print and logos are not something I have ever been attracted to. I prefer minimal design over a busy print or a loud logo. But this year, I am pushing my fashion taste levels and finding that I am actually in love with fashion that pushes boundaries. No more safe style for me. And the first thing that I thought of when I searched for statement fashion, was logos. This trend popped up a lot last year in the spring and summer and leaked into fall and winter. And for 2018, its not going anywhere. In these times of opinions, loud voices and statements- our fashion is going to reflect what we have to say, even if it offends someone. And I LOVE that. 


I think this year is going to be a pivotal time for me in fashion. My taste has changed, my inspirations have shifted and I want to try newer things. And most importantly- I am giving less f**** in my clothing. Why not? Why not mix that pattern with another pattern? Why not wear something that says how you feel? Why not wear a color you arent visually drawn to? Yes, black is still my favorite color and a staple in all aspects of my life, but I am more bold this year. More daring, more decisive, more vocal and fearless. So here is to a bolder 2018, where you try all the crazy fashion trends. Shop my favorites below and get inspired to try some logos in your wardrobe!



My Favorites



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