6 sites you need to know for those amazing autumn wardrobe staples


Autumn is the best time for fashion, lets be honest with ourselves.

Yeah, we all love a good summer moment, tons of dresses and easy outfits- but there is another level of satisfaction with putting on a cozy sweater and jacket with a cute pair of booties. If I had a walk-in closet, two whole walls would be purely dedicated to my love of boots. That’s not a lie. I own probably 15 pairs and counting. (I’m addicted to Jeffrey Campbell). Anyways, autumn fashion is here, and even though I am not spending my time going to events, or blogger meetups, or brunch… I can still enjoy all that fall fashion has for me. And I spend a lot of time online. LIKE A LOT. So naturally, my key websites for fall staples have helped me keep my wardrobe fresh for the new season. And I am here to share it with all of you so that your closet can feel updated and cozy. So enjoy these 6 sites that you really need to know- for a fresh and fun fall wardrobe.

1: H&M

If there is one thing that H&M is good at, that is fall fashion. Their basics are amazing, their sweaters and jackets are durable and affordable.And who doesnt love saving a little money? I worked for them for nearly 8 years, and I have learned what is good and what to avoid when shopping here.

*Key things to shop for:

  • Jackets
  • Sweaters/cardigans/ blazers
  • Sweatpants/basic hoodies/t-shirts
  • Cozy socks/Gloves and hats
  • Bags
  • Denim. All the denim.

  • Shoes/Boots – they fall apart easily
  • Graphic t-shirts – they will shrink
  • Thin socks/ grab aisle by the checkout
  • Cropped thin sweaters
  • Thin blouses

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2. Nordstrom

All the best trendy items from Topshop and bp are from Nordstrom! Fun prints, fun accessories and boots. So many cute boots! They are quality and fun for the new season.

Shop for:

  • Boots
  • Denim
  • Oversized jackets and sweaters

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3. Madewell

This is where I go for all the quality items when it comes to denim and sweaters. Madewell. Yes, you pay a little more but it is worth the investment. Their sweaters are super chunky and thick and the denim is gonna last you a LONG time!

Shop for:

  • Jeans/Denim
  • Sweaters and Cardigans
  • Jackets
  • Basic t-shirts

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4. Mango

I have purchased a few things from Mango, and when it comes to dresses and blazers- they reign supreme. Their pieces have great silhouettes, modern lines and classic silhouettes.The pieces you grab from Mango are timeless and classic without trying too hard.

Shop for:

  • Blazers/Suit pieces
  • Shoes
  • Dresses
  • Winter accessories
  • Long Coats

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5. & Other Stories

Trendy. Fun. Colorful and Affordable. This brand is stunning at making trendy and fun pieces that last a long time. I have a pair of sandals from them and I love them so much! They are comfortable and didn’t cost me a ton. & Other Stories knows how to make quality staples that you will love for fall.

Shop for:

  • Boots
  • Accessories/Gloves
  • Knitwear
  • Thick Jackets
  • Bags

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Lastly, the good and dependable ASOS. Full of fun items that you just keep going back to. It is a huge website full of so many good pieces- it’s honestly really hard to choose for this site! I own two pair of boots and they are SO COMFY. From Adidas to Topshop, ASOS has it all for a complete fall wardrobe.

Shop for:

  • Boots/Sandals
  • Jackets- especially fur/sherpa
  • Topshop Sweaters
  • Loungewear
  • Sportswear

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Cozy sweaters, leggings… fun boots…

I hope you are finding some great staples to buy for the new season! I have been living in sweatpants and leggings so long I forgot what actual denim feels like. I HATE IT. So go get a beautiful jacket with some edgy boots. Fall is about fashion!


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