Dresses and accessories that will sparkle and shine for a beautiful 2022


Somehow, 2022 is less than 2 weeks away and I am still wondering where the first half of 2021 went…

I had a beautiful year. I got to travel, experience my first music festival, see new places, visit family and see my favorite band in concert with my bestie. It was a great, great year. I am beyond grateful for what I got to experience this year amid a pandemic and all the issues in the world currently still looming over us all. But still, the year flew by somehow. Maybe it was because of all the stuff I was staying busy with. Either way, it’s nearly my FAVORITE holiday and that means pretty outfits.

Even if you are staying home or just hanging back this year from crowds, a little sparkle can make the evening even more fun! No one ever had a bad experience with sequins. Not that I know of anyway. I dress up every year, even if I don’t go anywhere exciting. Even if we were celebrating at a bar in an alleyway, I would STILL dress up. Because New Year is my favorite – I love the idea of a new year, a new time, and the celebration of just being alive another year. It’s pretty awesome I think.

So I found the most affordable and beautiful items for all the events you attend, even if it’s from your couch while watching the ball drop. You are alive, you are breathing… and that is something to celebrate.

1. Bright colors

Want to add more pop to your outfit than just sequins and glitter? Opt for some fun colors like bright pink, neon green or blue. These are colors I was never really attracted to, but on NYE I make exceptions. Because its too fun to wear a bland color, right?!

2. Classic Colors

Silver, black and gold- those are my go-to NYE colors. I love the classics for sequins and velvets. Also red is such a beautiful staple color!

3. Velvets

Not feeling sequins? Velvet is a beautiful alternative to shiny and loud dresses. Jewel-toned pieces are very classy and gorgeous!

4. Two Piece Sets

You dont have to opt for a dress- do seperates! These are great to pair with a fun jacket or heel. Combine patterns or go for monochrome.

5. Accessories

We can’t forget a fun bag or jewelry for this night! Add sequins to your shiny outfit or a fun heel for a little pop of something extra.


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