Trend Spotting: Micro Sunglasses

Somewhere along the line this year, I became OBSESSED with sunglasses. I have over 10 pairs that I rotate through and cannot stop buying more. I live in Portland, where the sun shines about 3 months out of the year- but I wear them every day. I call them my hater shades. No one can see my face when I wear them, I feel sassier and more comfortable with my cute cat-eyes on. And we all know how fast the sunglasses world has changed this year. They have become smaller, more colorful, more creative in shape. So, of course, I am always wanting to wear them! There is a million different shapes and colors to choose from. And let’s be honest, feeling like you’re in the Matrix is pretty fun.
And yes, I made sure to pick my favorites for you guys below!




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