Trend Spotting: Hair Barrettes


Let’s go back to 1996, shall we? Everyone had sketchers, bell bottoms with prairie sleeve tops and of course there were barrettes. Small butterfly clips, snap barrettes of all colors and shapes… everyone had them. I remember using an obscene amount of butterfly clips in my long hair with the neon colored metal snap clips. Which hurt a lot by the way. Snapping those in your hair was like a punch to the skull- but damn if they didnt look adorable. And that trend has come back with full-force for Spring/Summer 2019. But not just neon colored- they are LARGE. They are beaded and covered in pearls. They are glitzed out and full of sass. I am living for this! The 90’s child in me is screaming inside for this reincarnation of fun hair trends. I have short hair now, and am finding that no one with my hairstyle has worn them, and I am not entirely sure why. I will be shooting some soon and set the tone for us short haired girls! In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite hair barrettes and clips for you to enjoy and try out. Keep it snappy ladies! /end hair puns.




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