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Looking through modern and contemporary art has made me extremely nostalgic. Nostalgic for painting, creating for 3 hours in my college classes with my headphones on. That freedom to just be.

That 3 hours of pure creativity that no one could interrupt. I got lost in my painting with my headphones playing at full volume. My professor was a wonderful artist herself and did abstract and modern pieces that always inspired me. It was never the pieces that had faces or a scene in them, it was the ones that lacked it that I was drawn to. The art with only color, movement, and no catchy title. I think I enjoy the challenge of finding what it all meant in the art, why it was there, and what the thought process behind it was. Thus is art right? Either way, I miss those classes in college. The art history, the painting, and learning. Just allowing myself to be creative. I think that social media and working from home has made me bored. Has made me overwhelmed with boredom and being unsure. Music, art and fashion fill that void but only for so long if I am not creating. I plan on creating more this year. Painting, working with dye and different media. I am thankful I went down that art rabbit hole today and had a discussion on art with my best friend. I don’t know very many people that appreciate art or try to learn about it. I was never a science or math girl – it was the creative classes that I thrived in.

With the monotony of the internet and social media, I am now at a crossroads with myself: Finding what I love. And it isn’t posting a reel that no one cares about on IG, it’s about creating. People create for others and I just want to create for me. And maybe share it with others. Whether it is writing a blog, painting, dancing or reading – just expanding my knowledge further for my self-improvement. Social media has overwhelmed me with a feeling of not doing or being enough. And that feeling, that ache of constant disappointment is getting louder in my head as I mindlessly scroll through Instagram and Facebook.

With that, I want to share my current inspirations and why I chose them. I am going to make this a weekly blog in my Journal just to spew what I love, what is currently motivating me. I am also wanting to write down everything that I have learned in the past week. Whether that is about fashion, books, or art- I just want to learn more. And express my ideas and inspiration freely on my small corner of the internet. If you are reading this at all, I appreciate you sticking around for the ramblings of a creative.

1: Jean-Baptiste Bernadet

I found this artist on Artsy through the Contemporary Abstraction tab – because that is what I am drawn to. The way he uses color and his brushes is stunning. There is a piece I did hanging in our bathroom that resembles this- just color and a cloud-like attraction. He lives in Brussels currently and has shown in many galleries.
See his work here

2. Chris Succo

Another contemporary artist that I enjoy because it makes absolutely no sense. There is something wonderful in that – what is it? His work doesnt have a lot of color, and is extremely abstract with random lines and textures. I don’t know why I like it, I just do.
See his work here

3. Kim Keever

She isn’t a painter but rather creates environments in a tank and then photographs the results. I thought this was a painting at first glance – but am more in love with it because it is a photograph. The pure chaos and anarchy happening in this moment were captured beautifully. I can see Alexander Mcqueen being inspired by this type of photograph.
See her work here

4. Miscellaneous Images

Bobby Doherty

Found on my pinterest here


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