Bucket List Travel Experiences You Need To Try


The saying goes that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer and that’s a statement that couldn’t be more true. Yet if you’re a bit fed up of just going to the same old inclusive resorts and not really seeing the world, you’re not alone. This is why we recommend you have a bucket list of travel experiences you want to tick off. By doing so, you can have travel goals to aim for and broaden your horizons around the world. Keep on reading to find some bucket list travel experiences you need to try…

​​Photo by Chelsea Cook from Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/photo-of-machu-picchu-2929906/ 

Explore the wonders of Peru

Peru is one of the most incredible places you can visit in the world and is packed with so much to see and do. With an incredible landscape, this location in the heart of South America offers plenty of bucket list experiences. You can cruise the Amazon river, sail over Lake Titicaca taking in the spectacular sights and witness the famous Nazca Lines on a nazca tour. Why not head up in a helicopter for some of the most memorable views? Be sure to try the local food and immerse yourself in the culture when visiting this stunning and diverse location.

Go on a safari

There is nothing like going on a safari to feel like you’re on a truly breathtaking experience. Safari’s are a real once in a lifetime holiday and enable you to get up close with a range of animals from lions and tigers to zebras and elephants. When on safari you can stay in tents, hotels or luxury lodges depending on your budget and what sort of trip you’re after. There are many package holidays you can find when booking a safari and these are a good idea as you know you’ll be in safe hands with a guide that knows what they’re doing! Why not book a safari for your honeymoon?

See the northern lights

The northern lights are one of the most beautiful spectacles in the world and something that you need to witness in your lifetime. You can visit many countries where the northern lights are, including Iceland and Norway. We recommend finding some unique accommodation such as the famous see-through igloo huts where you can see the northern lights from the warmth of your bed. Be sure to add in other winter activities when you’re here such as visiting the Blue Lagoon, tobogganing and sledding through the snow and going to a hot spring. These will ensure an unforgettable trip.

These are just a few bucket list trips you need to plan. Each offers a unique and diverse experience that you’re never going to forget. Travel is all about experiencing new things, witnessing new cultures and doing things you never imagined you would. Whether you partake in all of the above or just a few, you won’t ever regret adding these to your bucket list. What are some of the places on your travel bucket list? Let us know!


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