Inspiration 5/10/21

This coming week is a fun one for me, because not only am I getting tattooed, but I am feeling very inspired by all things dark and grungy lately. Barb-wire necklaces, fringe and everything western style. It’s strange how we start to grow into our style more and more as we get older- and I feel like I finally reached mine. I went through a lot of phases to get there: boho, emo, preppy… but I always came back to black and dark with a little edge. I will always love black, but I am also drawn to the rust oranges, light beige, and soft gray. I think the weather has a direct impact on my style too.
What is this journal section of my blog, btw. Well, I would love for it to be a diary of sorts for myself, and for you guys to just share what I am feeling in fashion. I write a lot about how to style, how to pose, and what to wear for events, but I never really just WRITE. I used to journal a lot when I was younger, so this is now my new outlet. I will write about what is inspiring me, how I am feeling about trends, fashion news, etc. I hope that it can be a little haven for you as well to feel inspired and refreshed.
We get so wrapped up in our lives, what we need to do… who we need to be. And sometimes we just forget to appreciate what is around us. And for me, that is beautiful clothing and pictures. So this week I am inspired by fashion, but also myself.
If you want to shop my favorite things right now, feel free to check them out below. And have a gorgeous week 🙂
x, Pepper & Platinum


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