I’m Obsessed N°2: Blazers


Fall has arrived at our doorsteps, and I could not be more excitedCrisp leaves, beautiful autumn colors, warm and cozy fashion- this is my language. It is really a staple season for me because I enjoy it the most out of any other time of the year. And I am all about my staples and key essentials. Whether that is with organization, finances, fashion- I always look back at my staples for reference and what makes me feel the most confident and classy. And that includes a good blazer. Now, I have become somewhat of a blazer collector-if you will. There is something that is so empowering about a strong shoulder. Now I understand why they were so many in the 80’s- because they were simply classic. Strong shoulders, bold prints and colors- not to mention the chic fit and tailoring. And the fall season has already given us some classic blazer silhouettes. Especially in exaggerated shoulders, over-sized fit and checks. Can I get a yes please?
Shop my favorites below!

Images: Pinterest



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